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Tau Beta Sigma is first and foremost a service orgainization. Our main objective, headed by the service committee, is to serve the marching and athletic bands here at Miami University. Some of our projects throughout the marching season include organizing and assigning uniforms, providing apples during home games, preparing goody bags for road trips, and maintaining the yard markers before and after rehearsals. We also work closely with our brother organization Kappa Kappa Psi. Together, we help run band camp registration, play at numerous band outreaches throughout the season, and maintain class service projects such as the athletic band flip folders and raincoat distribution.

When we are not serving the band, we like to focus our attention on serving the greater Oxford community. Two of our longest standing projects include volunteering at the local animal shelter and adopting a section of highway, which we clean two to three times a semester. Over the years, we have also offered our services at local residences including the Knolls of Oxford and Camp America.åÊ Most recently, we have created a program for Girl Scouts to earn their music badge through the exploration of music and dance.

Since the beginning, service has come first for Tau Beta Sigma and within our own chapter we strive to bring to light the ideals given to us as much as possible. While the marching band could survive without Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi, we feel that together we can not only accomplish more, but also maintain a higher level of excellence for our band program.