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The membership committee, chaired by the Vice-President(s) of Membership, is critical to the future of our chapter and is key to our survival as an organization. Through an extensive rush and bid process, our membership candidates are chosen to be involved in the membership education process. These MCs are guided by the VPMs and the chapter as a whole to an eventual activation as a full member of our chapter.

During the membership education process, the MCs are required to devote much time, energy, and effort towards their desire to be a part of our chapter. Even though Delta Epsilon has one of the most robust and extensive programs in our district, every member that has gone through the process feels that it has greatly shaped their ability to become a more involved active member.

While the bulk of the duties of the membership committee lie in the second semester education process, time is also devoted during first semester to recruit and inform potential members of Tau Beta Sigma through rush parties and social gatherings. The committee strives to put forth a positive image of the chapter during the marching band season to attract those individuals that not only want to serve the band, but also become part of the bond we all share. Being an honorary organization, it is important for the committee and the chapter as a whole to select those individuals that display the best qualities and attitudes possible. One of the largest and most hard-working committees within the chapter, the membership committee is a group of diligent individuals that are greatly appreciated.