contact committee head:

The communications committee acts as the link between our chapter, the band, and other sister chapters in the North Central District.The regular communication duties include maintaining and updating the bulletin board during first semester (Membership Candidates take over this responsibility during second semester), as well as writing and receiving letters from other chapters. Another responsibility lies within our District Convention, in which each chapter is required to create a display board that reflects the convention’s theme and graphically shows what the chapter has been involved in throughout the past year. The committee also leads an effort to stay in touch with any members studying abroad through the use of letters and care packages.

The other role of the communications committee is to help serve on various communicative projects that arise throughout the year. In the past, these have included bidding for SPAM (Special Projects with Assisted Means), preparing our Counselor’s Cup presentation, submitting articles to the Kadenza, and undertaking any other written project the chapter may choose. Ultimately though, we are always striving to bond with our sister chapters in any way possible.åÊ If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail our communications chair.